Works of art / 1801-1900










Batuta dance (Jocul Batutei)

Print, 1880 approx.


Rumanians dance the Hora before the Grand Duke Nicolas and the Prince and Princess of Rumania (Rumänen tanzen "Hora" vor dem Grossfürsten Nikolaus und dem Fürsten und der Fürstin von Roumänien)"

Print, 1877, 17.6 x 21.3 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection


Roumans dancing the "Hora" before the Grand Duke Nicholas and the Prince and Princess of Roumania

Print, woodcut, 1877, 17.6 x 21.2 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection

Russian-Turkish war


Godefroy Durand (France, 1832-1920) (drawing)

Entertainment of the Russian soldiers stationed in Rumania (Divertissements des soldats russes cantonnés en Roumanie)

Print, woodcut, 1877, 15 x 22.5 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection


Louis Baader (France, 1828-1919) (drawing)  

Dance in front of the cabin of the bride - the groom in a solo  (La danse devant la cabane de la mariée - le cavalier seul)

Print, 1874, 16 x 23.5 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection



Schönberg, F. (drawing)          

The Dodolo or Rain-girl (Das Dodolo oder Regenmädchen)

Print, woodcut, 1870, 15 x 22.7 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection

Dodolo or Dudulo is a custom spread over the Balkans to provoke rain. A girl is covered with branches and taken around the village; other girls dance around her, while grown-ups pour water over the girl


C. Lancelot (drawing); Krüll, G. (engraving)

The hora, Vlach dance (La hora, danse valaque)

Print, wood, 1866, 16 x 24 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection

Illustration for the article "De Paris à Bucharest" by Lancelot


Charles Doussault (France, 1814-1880) (drawing)       

The Horas, Wallachian national dances (Les hora, danses nationales valaques)

Print, woodcut, 1848,   11.5 x 23 cm

Alkis Raftis Collection


Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (France, 1804-1860)        

Vlach circle dance accompanied by Gypsies and performed by members of the Second Regiment of Prince Ghika, Gospodar of Wallachia

Lithograph, 1839


      Valachian dancers        

Drawing, 1837 approx.


Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (France, 1804-1860)        

La jok - Vlach dance (La jok - danse vallaque)

Print, 1837 approx.


Valentin Le Campion (Russia, 1903-1952)

Two men quarrel at the Hora dance     

Print, woodcut, 1934, 10 x 10 cm

A man upon entering the chain dance Hora purposefully separates a man from his girl. The second hits him and throughs him down.